9/25/2017 Tianjin Chinese Traditional Orchestra in the ExxonMobil Houston Campus

  • On July 10, 2017 ·
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Tianjin Chinese Traditional Orchestra will come from China and perform in the ExxonMobil Houston Campus on 9/25/2017. The group consists of 20 professional musicians, 10 among them are ranked as “First Class National Artist” in China.

Tianjin Chinese Traditional Orchestra was founded in 1953. It has been grown from a small music group to a full-fledged orchestra with a stellar lineup of distinguished musicians. It has performed in varied ensembles, and continued to turn out new works and virtuoso performers, making a major contribution to the inheritance, development and renewal of Chinese music traditions. With many a well-known composer- instrumentalist the orchestra has left a treasurable legacy of works such as Shaded Birds and Vege Vender by Bamboo flutist Liu Guanyue, Peacock Spreading Its Tail and Jin Tone by Sheng player Yan Haideng, Song of the Sky and Green Willow Leaves by Suona player Yi Erwen.

In the last 3 decades the orchestra has been drawing talents from music schools, many of whom have joined the rank of a new generation of outstanding musicians, winning top awards at different national professional music competitions.

The orchestra’s repertoire boasts many works with enduring popularity including the wind and percussion ensemble Great Triumph, orchestral ensembles Red Flowers Blooming Everywhere and Ambush on All Sides, plucked stings ensemble Liuyang River, bamboo flute concerto Song of Liu Hulan, guqin and orchestra ensemble Meditation, bamboo flute solo Tatar Dance, Erhu concerto Silk Road Capriccio, orchestral ensemble Operatic Grace, bamboo clapper and orchestra ensemble Joy for Good Harvest, and shibuxian wind and percussion ensemble Blessing from A Fishing Boy, and orchestral ensemble Surplus Year after Year.

Over the years the orchestra has cooperated with renowned conductors and players including Tang Muhai, Guan Naizhong, Yan Huichang, Peng Jiapeng, Zheng Chaoji, Hu Tianquan, Min Huifen, Song Fei, Wu Yuxia, Yin Chengzong, and Li Chuanyun.

The orchestra has toured more than 30 countries and regions across the five continents such as Germany, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Australia, the United States, Cuba, Columbia, Argentina, Egypt, Nigria, Cameroon, South Africa, Tanzania, Mauritius, Japan, DPRK, Republic of Korea, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan.