11/5/2017 The Woodlands Cultural Arts Heritage Festival

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The Woodlands’ First Annual Cultural Arts Heritage Festival will take place on Sunday November 5th ,
2017 at the Central Park at The Woodlands Town Center Market Street. The Woodlands Chinese Cultural
Center will work with some of local Chinese organizations together to bring three activities into the
1. 45-minute Chinese performance program
2. Taste of Traditional Chinese snack food
3. Cultural Arts Entertainment for Children

The 45-minute Chinese performance program will start at 3pm. It consists of:
1. Children Cheongsam ( Qi Pao) Dance – 5 minutes
Showcasing the beauty of Chinese traditional dresses, performed by a group of 3-10
years old girls

2. Women’s Choir – 5 minutes
“Jasmine Flowers”, a well-known Chinese folk song; “Pear Flowers Blossom”, a
Peking Opera style folk song

3. Erhu solo – 5 minutes
“Village of Thirty Miles”, a Shanbei folk music performed by an Artist Zhou, Chenglin
with Erhu, a Chinese traditional two-stringed bowed instrument.

4. Chen Style’s Tai Chi – 4 minutes
Chinese and American performers showing together

5. Tibet Folk Dance – 3 minutes
Intense tap dance filled with strong emotion and excitement

6. Chinese traditional music “Fishing Song” – 4 minutes
Played by an Artist Yan, Yixiu with 4 traditional instruments – Cucurbit Flute, Xun,
Bau, and Bamboo Flute

7. Shaolin Kung Fu – 8 minutes
The martial art is performed by Shi Yanchan Master Studio