2018 Beijing Bamboo Orchestra presents Green Rhythm

  • On September 3, 2017 ·
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Beijing Bamboo Orchestra presents Green Rhythm

Bamboo is the world’s second-largest plant resource and China is the world’s largest bamboo-producing country. Its bamboo culture is broad and profound, so its bamboo musical instruments have a long history and rich variety. On this basis, after 20 years of effort, comes China’s first Bamboo Orchestra.

The Beijing Bamboo Orchestra, with its distinctive features and high standards, quickly gained extensive attention. Taken from mountain forests, the materials for its instruments provide pure and simple sound. All instruments of the Bamboo Orchestra (together more than 30 kinds) have registers exceeding the piano range. Besides various Chinese traditional folk instruments, there are personally handcrafted exclusive inventions of new bamboo instruments, many of which have obtained national patents. Their distinctive appearance, innovative method of playing, beautiful timbre, and high interest, makes them unique to the world. The orchestra is known as China’s only “green orchestra.” Its members consist of mostly young bright musicians, with professional titles and the most advanced training in their craft. The Bamboo Orchestra has appeared on many major shows, on television, and radio stations broadcast in Beijing and around China. Performances for international organizations, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and national leaders have been met with great success and praise. The orchestra has published five CD albums.