Introduction to Chinese Home Cooking

Chinese culture revolves around food, with greetings often beginning with the question “Have you eaten?” (吃了吗? Chīle ma?). Whether at a party or in casual conversation, discussions about cooking are always lively and welcomed. China boasts one of the world’s richest and most diverse cuisines, and locals are eager to share their culinary knowledge and experiences with others.

When Julia Ye and Veronica Bai approached Pastor Laura Grice of the Woodlands Community Presbyterian Church with the idea of hosting a cooking class, she enthusiastically supported the initiative. The church’s kitchen became the perfect venue for the class, bringing together a diverse group of students eager to learn.

Our excitement peaked as we welcomed our first students from Lone Star College’s Life-Long program. Together, we explored traditional spices and ingredients, honed knife skills, and delved into classic cooking techniques like stir-frying, braising, and pickling. The instructor guided the students every step of the way, ensuring they left with newfound culinary knowledge and confidence.

To top it off, each student received a collection of recipes to take home, empowering them to recreate Chinese favorites for their family and friends with ease.