Introduction to Chinese Home Cooking

Chinese people love to eat, even they greet each other in common saying “Have you eaten?” (吃了吗? Chile ma?). When they are in a party, or in a chatting environment, how to cook is always a welcomed and tireless topic. China has one of the world’s greatest and most varied cuisines. Local Chinese people would like to share their knowledge and experience with everyone. when Julia Ye and Veronica Bai went to talk with the Pastor Laura Grice with the Woodlands Community Presbyterian Church, she strongly supported the idea and made it happened by hosting the class in the church’s kitchen. We were so excited to have the first students who came from the Life-Long program of the Lone-star College. The students enjoyed working alongside classmates, learning about traditional spices and ingredients and honing knife skills as we prep fresh produce. Plus, the instructor walked the students through classic techniques for stir-frying, braising, pickling, cooking and much more. Best of all, the students can go home with the recipes, so they can easily recreate Chinese favorites for family and friends.