The Woodlands Cultural Arts Heritage Festival on 11/5/2017

The Woodlands were intended to highlight the diversity and cultural richness in The Woodlands. They held The First Annual Cultural and Heritage Festival on 11/5/2017 from 12:00pm (Noon) to 4:00pm. The theme for the event was “AncesTree” with the objective of encouraging members of the community of all ages to participate in creating an art project at Market Street that would develop into a beautiful permanent mural installation.

The event celebrated of ethnic or local heritage and culture, complete with food, music, arts and kid- and family-friendly educational displays. The Woodlands Chinese Cultural Center (TWCCC) was in charge of Chinese part, as the biggest participating group for the event. TWCCC invited local Chinese organizations in, they are The Woodlands Chinese School, Texas Phoenix International School, The North Houston Chinese Association, Shao Lin Kung Fu Cultural Center, and International Chen Style Tai Chi Center. They worked together with TWCCC to bring four activities into the event:

  1. 45-minute Chinese performance program
  2. Taste of Traditional Chinese Snack Food
  3. Cultural Entertainment for Children
  4. Comments on “AncesTree”

The 45-minute Chinese performance program consisted of:

  1. Children Cheongsam ( Qi Pao) Dance
  2. Women’s Choir
  3. Chinese traditional instrument Erhu Solo
  4. Chen Style Tai Chi
  5. Tibet Folk Dance
  6. Chinese traditional music
  7. Shaolin Kung Fu

Our participators did an incredible job to entertain and amaze all the audiences.

Thank very much for all volunteers from The Chinese Language Club of The Woodlands High School, and the College Park High School! We received the donation of $2050 during the event, greatly appreciate all the donors!