“Elegant Chinese Folk Music” Finds its Way to ExxonMobil on 9/25/2017

On September 25th, 2017, ExxonMobil, the world’s largest gas and oil company employing over 10,000 individuals in Greater Houston, hosted a unique concert featuring “Elegant Chinese Folk Music” for its employees at its northwest Houston Campus. The visiting Tianjin Chinese Traditional Orchestra, a distinguished performing arts group from China renowned for its exceptional singers and instrumentalists, provided the entertainment. The announcement of the concert generated such overwhelming enthusiasm that all available seats were swiftly reserved within hours.

The performance by the 19 Chinese artists deeply resonated with the American audience, who responded with enthusiastic applause and standing ovations after each rendition. The emotional impact of the music was palpable, with one gentleman in the audience moving to tears throughout the entire concert. Mr. Gao Jiulin, the leader of the Tianjin Chinese Traditional Orchestra, was profoundly touched by the appreciation shown by ExxonMobil employees for Chinese folk music. He remarked that music is truly a universal language that transcends national boundaries.

The concert received generous support from various community organizations, including Deputy Consul General Wang Yu from the Consulate General of the People’s Republic of China, Cultural Consuls Mr. Gu Haiyong and Liu Yiran, Director of Woodlands Township Mr. John Brown, President of the Woodlands Convention and Visitors Bureau Mr. Nick Wolda, Senior Managers of ExxonMobil Ms. Tze San Koh and Ms. Xiaojun Huang, Dean of the Music Department at Lone Star College and Choir Director Mr. Mark Marotto, and Artistic Director of The Woodlands Symphony Orchestra Mr. Darryl Bayer.

Ms. Veronica Bai, President of the Woodlands Chinese Cultural Center, expressed her satisfaction, stating, “The Woodlands Chinese Cultural Center successfully brought such a wonderful concert to ExxonMobil. It marked the first Chinese concert in North Houston, and the sensational outcome exceeded our expectations. The Woodlands Chinese Cultural Center is committed to bringing more outstanding Chinese professional art and performance groups to the Woodlands area, enriching the lives of local residents, and promoting cultural exchanges between China and the United States in the future.”