The Woodlands Waterway Arts Festival on 4/7-4/8/2018

The 13th Woodlands Arts Festival was held in the Green Park at the Town Center from April 7th to 8th. The Woodlands Arts Festival has been recognized as one of the top art festivals in the United States. Each year, more than 200 outstanding applicants are selected from across the country to showcase and sell their exquisite masterpieces, attracting a large number of art enthusiasts and buyers.

This year’s arts festival took place amidst cold winds and rain, a true test from nature, which identified a group of individuals who truly love culture and art. Once again, the Woodlands Chinese Cultural Center was invited by the Woodlands Arts Committee to organize a spectacular 30-minute performance. 37 performers braved the piercing cold wind and vividly showcased Chinese culture.

The children’s dance, set to a disco version of “Jasmine Flower,” was lively and enthusiastic, and the children were adorable!

The newly formed Woodlands Chinese Orchestra performed the well-known “Purple Bamboo Tune,” with the addition of female vocals, making this Jiangnan folk tune even more graceful and melodious. Special thanks to Teacher Yan for her arrangement!

Following that, the girls’ choir performed “Jasmine Flower” and “Pear Blossom Song” with charm and liveliness. Their voices, coming and going gently, gave a sense of a refreshing breeze, truly enjoyable! Teacher Wang, your blood pressure increase wasn’t in vain; your girls’ choir is indeed a sight to behold!

The solo dance “Zhuoma,” performed by Dorothy from The Woodlands High School, was graceful and elegant, exuding a strong Tibetan flavor. Just like what the dance aims to convey, “intoxicated by the sun and moon,” the audience felt the beauty of the goddess!

The duet by Sun Wen and his daughter of the Mongolian song “Dad from Ulan Bator” was deeply affectionate and moving! Only those with a happy family can truly express the sentiment conveyed by this song!

The final square dance “Little Apple” was performed by students from Oak Ridge High School. American kids dancing square dance are no less entertaining than square dance grandmas, and they add a touch of humor.

The host, Rachel, startled everyone when she spoke; a foreign girl speaking standard Mandarin, closing your eyes and listening, you’d think she’s a host from Hunan TV!

Thanks to the lovely performers, as well as your families and friends who accompanied you! Without your dedication and support, this beautiful “chilling” program would not have been possible!


今年的艺术节是顶着倒流寒和冷雨举行的,天公的考验,甄别出一群真正热爱文化与艺术的人 。林城中国文化中心再次受到林城艺术委员会的邀请,组织了一台30分钟的精彩表演。37名演员顶着刺骨寒风,情绪饱满地展现了中华民族文化。
儿童舞蹈是在迪斯科版本的”茉莉花” 音乐中,热情奔放地舞动律动着,孩子们非常可爱!
刚刚成立的林城中华乐团演奏了脍炙人口的 “紫竹调” ,女生伴唱的加入,使这首江南小调更柔婉优美。燕老师的编曲,功不可没!
紧接着女生小合唱的”茉莉花”和”梨花颂” 妩媚生动,款款而来缓缓而去的声音,给人以清风徐来的感觉,好享受!王老师,您的高血压没白升高,您的女小合唱就是一道风景!
独舞 “卓玛” 的表演者是来着林城高中的Dorothy。轻盈的舞步,优美的舞姿,藏族舞味道十足,就像舞蹈所要表达的那样,”醉了太阳醉了月亮”,观众感受到了,美丽的女神!
孙闻父女的二重唱蒙古歌曲”乌兰巴托的爸爸” ,情意浓厚,深情感人! 只有家庭幸福的人,才能唱出这首歌所要表达的意境来!
最后的广场舞 “小苹果”,是由Oak Ridge High School的同学表演的。美国孩子跳广场舞绝不输给广场大妈,还多带了一份幽默风趣。
节目主持人Rachel, 一开口吓坏了人,洋妞一口标准普通话,闭上眼睛听,还以为是湖南卫视来的主持人。